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Created: December 29, 2016
Address: Incepto Design Academy 310, Kamla Arcade, 1204, Shivajinagar, J.M. Road, Balgand

Strategies to clear Ceed Exams


Your drawings are aesthetically beautiful, and hence you are looking out for career opportunities other than engineering; then why don’t you opt for CEED? To begin with, CEED you need first to appear for the Entrance Exams. There are multiple ceed coaching classes in Pune that will prepare you for these exams, but along with that, you need to develop a set of strategies to clear CEED Exams.

Solve the previous year’s exam papers: It is always good to know the exam paper patterns, individual sections and the time that needs to be allocated for completing the paper. This can happen only when you solve various question papers from past few years.

Sketch! Sketch! Sketch! The faster you sketch the better it is. CEED Classes In Pune, requires you to sketch and represent objects in the most realistic way. The more you sketch, the more you know about the material and texture.

Freehand sketching is a must: In CEED exams you are not allowed to use instruments hence it is very important that you master freehand sketching. Practice only with the right equipment: For CEED exams use the proper set of pencils. Always use H-grade for rough and quick work, light drawings, etc. and B for shading. 0.7 mm pencil, non-dust eraser or a kneadable eraser is best kept handy. Polish Visualisation skills: It is vital that you work hard on your visualisation and imagination skills. See in your mind before putting it on paper. This will come only after a sincere amount of hard work and practice. Think laterally: For clearing the CEED exams it is imperative that you put your creative hats on. Try and find a way of portraying every object in a unique and creative manner. Comic strips are a rescue: These are a classic example of the storyboard, so read as many as you can! For more info visit - |   

Incepto Design Academy
310, Kamla Arcade, 1204, Shivajinagar, J.M. Road,
Balgandharv Chowk, Pune 411004.
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